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OK. Here we go. Our doors are open and we are raring to go. When you’re working with amazing people doing work that truly inpires you, it makes the future look very exciting indeed. And when you think like that, jumping off that cliff doesn’t seem quite so daunting. In fact, it’s quite a nice view, and we’re ready to dive in and make some waves.

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Joanna’s – Girls’ Day School Trust, gets 5 stars by the lovely David Reviews.

David Reviews GDST – Joanna Bailey

‘The Girls’ Day School Trust mark International Women’s Day with this engrossing film. Directed by Joanna Bailey, pupils from the trust’s twenty-five independent schools each get their moment in the spotlight.

As opening gambits go, “born out of rebellion and resolve” is hard to ignore. It’s a bold riposte to independent school stereotypes, and these girls aim to break them entirely.

Bailey coaxes lovely performances from her young cast. Some are more outgoing than others, but they share a common zest for education and equality. Good to know one of them is making sure the mic works, too.

The ad culminates with a united front. Part school show, part war dance, the girls’ routine connects past and present. One can only imagine what the class of 1872 would make of the progress made in 2018; the GDST aim to fuel further change.’

Play film below:

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