Welcome to Snapper. We are a small, ambitious production company with an instinct for fearless filmmaking and a careless disregard for boundaries.

Fresh Fish


The One campaign

In celebration of International Day of the Girl, Joanna directed this film for ONE. A great cause. A terrific script. Compelling performances. We’re all bloody delighted with it. We want to turn outrage into action… more

Snapper Films - Directors - Karen Thomas - photography - Bluecocktail

The delicious Karen Thomas

We are ridiculously happy to have signed up the gorgeous food photographer and director Karen Thomas. Karen’s first passion is photography and has been ever since her Dad bought her a red plastic Halina camera when she was 8 …more

Snapper Films - Directors - Karen Thomas - photography - butternut squash
Snapper Films - FreshFish_APA

Joanna & Sasha at the APA

Perfect creative pairing is a rare and wonderful thing and in the run up to this year’s APA Show, here’s our very own Joanna Bailey on shots.net talking about her partnership with casting director Sasha Robertson. Tea anyone?… more

Snapper Films - Unstereo1

A little fish makes a big splash at Cannes.

Joanna Bailey, along with Mullen Lowe, has made an incredibly powerful film highlighting the lazy and harmful stereotypes that incredibly, still plague advertising today … more

Snapper Films - Unstereo2

Graham Linehan

Comedy is a serious business and great comedy directors are as rare as hen’s teeth so we’re super, super excited to let the world know we’re adding one of the very best to our roster. Multi award-winning comedy writer and director Graham Linehan, along with his lovely producer Brock Van den Bogaerde have joined us. … more

About us

This is a story about a fish out of water. Now, we don’t need to tell you, out of water is historically not a fish-friendly environment. Quite the opposite in fact. If you’re a fish and you’ve got a keen interest in your continued existence, then water is roundly considered to be the safest bet. Which is why most fish tend to stay there. And similarly, why most humans tend to stay in their own carefully constructed comfort zones, whichever form they may take.

But the thing is, none of us would be here, if a couple of billion years ago, one fish hadn’t thought ‘fuck that’.

At Snapper, we believe progress only happens when people (and fish) poke their head above water, and do things they’re not supposed to do. We are a small, ambitious production company with an instinct for fearless filmmaking and a careless disregard for boundaries. We passionately believe in taking risks, helping fresh talent evolve and being bloody nice to each other along the way. If that makes us a fish out of water, then so be it.

Helen Hel Hadfield. After 30 years in the creative industries working with some of the most talented people around you’d think she’d have a better nickname, but no. Hel is a producer with a formidable track record, creating magic from budgets both big and small. Her passion is developing the careers of filmmakers and chatting, sometimes about film, sometimes about life, and sometimes over a cup of tea. Talk to Hel about any upcoming projects you might have, but make sure you book out your diary for the afternoon first.

Weakness: Pronouncing any Irish names
Karaoke style: Unfortunate



Joanna started her career making documentaries at the Beeb (they won awards, but she doesn’t like to talk about it), before gaining notoriety with a music video for George Michael set in the red light district of Amsterdam. It turns out the capital of legalised prostitution was the perfect preparation for her next move into advertising. Joanna is a wildly talented director with a reel that brims with beautifully-observed humanity, wry humour and great performances. Her obsessive approach to film craft is matched only by her commitment to making the perfect piece of toast – always brown, always hot, never burned, the slightest hint of butter and a mere suggestion of peanut butter (Crunchy, obvs).

Mastermind subject: Kenny Rogers B-sides 1967-1979
Personal kryptonite: Cardamom

BAFTA and Emmy award-winning writer, director, raconteur, actor, organiser of elaborate twitter ruses and purveyor of marvellous one-liners, Graham is responsible for some of the most successful sitcoms of recent times.

He first started writing comedy in the 1980s while working as a critic on the Dublin rock magazine Hot Press. A move to London soon followed where, along with Arthur Mathews, he wrote sketches for Alas Smith & Jones, Harry Enfield and Alexei Sayle, as well as creating the inimitable Ted and Ralph for The Fast Show.

Then followed the hugely popular Father Ted, Big Train, Black Books, The IT Crowd (filmed in front of a live studio audience, which at the time was considered by some as risky), The Walshes, Count Arthur Strong and most recently, Motherland.

He’s a true multi-tasker. His producer, Brock, remembers a time with Graham simultaneously giving direction to Chris Addison and Alexander Armstrong while having a conversation via twitter with astronauts on the International Space Station. Honestly. The window of opportunity must be seized when it comes to being in orbit.

Mariachi singing style: Exuberant
Least likely to appear on: The Today Programme

Karen loves photography. She breathes, sleeps and eats it and that shows in her shots. She caught the bug at 8 years old, when her father bought her a red, plastic Halina camera and she knew then she’d be a photographer. She got her dad to teach her everything he knew about taking a picture and she repaid the favour when she’d finished Uni, by teaching him everything she knew.

Karen also loves food. She breathes, sleeps and, uh, eats that too. She loves nothing more than cooking for loads of family and friends. So being able to combine her two great passions is a dream come true. And, as her sumptuous, mouth-wateringly, beautiful shots and films for clients like M&S, Sainsbury and Costa show, she’s truly found her vocation.

Obsessed with: Japanese Stationery
Worries about: Her brother’s food


Luke grew up in the Lincolnshire countryside making DIY horror films together with his brother, a camcorder and a LOT of ketchup. Those seminal works were largely ignored by the international film community, however his more recent efforts for clients such as McDonalds, Red Bull and Lenovo have begun to correct that historic injustice. Luke’s style is nostalgic, dreamy, funny and romantic. And yes, occasionally a little scary too.

Enjoys: Treasure hunts
Beard game: Strong

Ever since an artistic outburst at 8 years old involving a can of spraypaint and his father’s Mercedes, Stefano always knew he was destined for a creative career. It was meeting Alajandra in 2009 that really cemented it though. Having both left their homes in Madrid, they were soon heading to the bright lights of Hamburg where Stefano worked as an art director and Alejandra was a set designer. It wasn’t long before the even brighter lights of San Fransisco beckoned. In 2014 they started shooting videos ‘as a hobby’. Things blew up and they soon realised they could make a living doing what they loved. Now this multi-talented, multi-award winning directing duo have an amazing reel of incredible stop frame animation, beautifully kooky music videos, offbeat commercials and absolutely gorgeous stills for the likes of Vodafone, Lidl, Sony Music and Beefeater Gin to name a few.

What they love: Cows (Alejandra), Real Madrid (Stephano)
What they really, really, really love: Their sausage dog, Frida


Need beautiful stills? We have that covered too.

Jeremy was born in New Zealand and got his first break as a trainee cameraman on the national TV station. Since then, he’s come a long way (like, literally), travelling the world and making his name as an insanely talented cinematographer and stills photographer. From India to Japan to Lithuania, to a 20 year stop off in New York City, Jeremy has been there, shot that. Armed with nothing but a camera and an ability to chat about anything to anyone, Jeremy’s portraits are imbued with humanity, sensitivity and a rich, cinematic quality. He also once accidentally blew up a petrol station, so maybe don’t let him borrow your car.

Addicted to: Caffeine
Weakness: Keeping quiet

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